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Daddy's Little Death

Death Emizel
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Character: Death Emizel
Series: Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten
Time Period: Post Game - After Akutare(Axel)
Age: 1299 (unofficial)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Undetermined, but doesn't like girls. They're too scary


Son of the former President of the Netherworld and on the road to becoming a President himself. He used to be a spoiled brat, but after some fake news that made the whole Netherworld think he was dead, he vowed to become stronger and redeem his name (and be accepted by his father again). Along the way becoming part of Valvatorez's team and saving the Netherworld and Human World from total destruction.

Because of such events now, Emizel has greatly matured a lot, but he's sort of an oddball for a demon. He's not quite as impulsive for one, preferring to do things more cautiously instead. Despite getting over most of his cowardliness he is also still rather timid and easily worked up the moment something looks dangerous. But he can still be brave at times. If something needs to be done, Emizel will get it done, whenever he likes it or not.

Demons also have a tendency of hiding their emotions. Things like love, friendship, and other warm fuzzy feelings are practically taboo for them, making it really difficult for them to socialize with anyone and instead stick to their own personal spaces. Emizel is really not much of an exception to this rule, although he tends to be a bit softer than most. Deep down he still has the mentality of a normal kid and is a child at heart. He can be caring, but hates to show it to anyone (unless he really trusts them). Just be sure to never mention it in front of him.

Emizel is a reaper. An inexperienced one, but still one nonetheless. While his skill at it is subpar it does still have it's own natural advantages, like having a wide and complex understanding of souls. He can also see and hear ghosts and other paranormal things, although since he's a demon he probably already could anyway. If he ever gets better at it, he might be able to tell the amount of good/evil a person has just by their soul alone. He also does keep a scythe around as well, but rarely uses it.

Despite being Death, Emizel is really more of a black mage than anything. He's able to control and create three elements (fire, wind, and ice) through magic, and surprisingly enough, is really good at it. Especially when there's only one target to focus on. Although as a typical magic user, he's not that physically strong nor takes hits very well. Often times needing to hide in the back in actual battles.

Emizel can also transform to a much larger and stronger form, but it takes a lot of power and can only be used for so long. So it's pretty rare to see.

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